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Aaj Tak News Channal, Aditya Birla Groups, Airtel, Wills Life style, Seagrams India, Dreams Furnitures, Colibri Developer, Allen Solly, ITC Limited, and many more ...


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3D Holographic, Virtual Tours, 3D Dual Vision, Augmented Cards, Augmented Wedding Albums, 3D Stereo Conversion, Outdoor Augmentation Activity, Augmented Games, Mobile Games, Rear Projections, Touch Tables and many more...



This is what our client made us believes over the years of our customer service.It is also their active approval that has enthused us with confidence and encouraged us to expand continuosly.

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  • trinetra AR

Augmented Reality

AR is a form of virtual experience to recreation of a real world in digital form. User experience a combined computer generated and real worlds' digital view with useful additional information. Now the days, Augmented Reality is most interactive an innovative way to present, whatever you want say or show about your products to viewers, which is very useful in fields of Advertising, Entertainment, Shopping, Gamming and the best part for Education and Training in interactive ways.Our advanced AR development engine enables accurate 3D scene digital representation of one's current physical environment. This allow users to intuitively interact with augmented content in their physical surrounding,using natural hand movements.

  • trinetra PH


We all know that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Therefore, brand inspired game helps and customers have a better bond with your company. Trinetra Playhood is the creator of such as customers interesting and eye catching graphics games, for Android, Windows, iOS platforms, to benefices your company business in a play way manner.Playing video games, including violent shooter games, may boost children's learning, health and social skills, according to a review of research on the positive effects of video game play to be published by the American Psychological Association.

  • trinetra XP


Trinetra Xperience provides the new virtual dimensions to your vision to experience the digital world in some new ways to achieve the heights of entertainment, advertisement and education. A whole new virtual world, that covered a wide range like Real 3D Holographic Projections, Projection Mapping, Motion Tracking, Heat & IR Sensor-based projects. By using these techniques, we can improve education level in Smart Classes, providing better experience an interaction of students with their projects, as like real world simulation.The advent of affordable 3D technology promises to bring into reality the dream of fully engaged students.

  • trinetra ZD


Trinetra ZD is an art of creating third dimensions in normal 2D still & moving memories of your's and your's love ones. First time in India we cater the wedding segment for 3D stereo conversion. A whole new way of 3D stereo converted digital albums of your loving memories. Experience the new vision in movies, advertisements, educational documentaries and still also.In the classroom, studies have shown that students that engage in 3D lessons will benefit academically, especially in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. It is no secret that students of today live in a multimedia world where they use video as their primary form of engagement and communication.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We Evoke, we Educe, we Evolve. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Amit Dua


He Is Responsible For The Accomplishment Of Studio Trinetra's Vision And Mission. He Diligently Monitors Cash Flow And Enthusiastically Builds Strong, Lasting Relations With Stakeholders. His Role Entails Handling Detailed, Complex Concepts And Problems, Balancing Multiple Tasks Simultaneously And Making Rapid Decisions To Manage Continuity, Change And Transition.


Project Head

Rohit is responsible for company strategy and product development. He tactfully blends passion, creativity and technical knowledge in his work. Having worked on high profile projects for several firms, Rohit has developed a solid understanding of what is required in driving user engagement and has extensive experience in product development from concept to launch.

Akram Azaan

Technical Head

Akram Azaan oversees the technical direction of the company. Akram leads the company’s research, development and is responsible for driving innovation. A passionate developer and with a keen interest in art and design, he has a knack for blending technology with creativity.

Anna Smith, Company Inc.

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John Doe, Company Inc.

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Tom Sawyer, Company Inc.

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Sarah White, Company Inc.

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Augmented Brochure

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Interactive Magzine Advertisements

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Interactive Magzine Advertisements

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pic10 Gallery

Interactive Product Display

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Augmented Greeting Cards

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Augmented Booth Activity

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Dual Vision

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Oculus Rift Projects

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Motion Sensor-based Projects

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Mobile Games


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3D Stereoscopic Images

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3D Stereoscopic Albums

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Campaign for AajTak News Channel before lok Sabha Election 2015, due to this AajTak became No.1 News Channel in Delhi.  


Various Augmented Activities in indoor & outdoor for Advertisements, Education, Entertainment and Promotions. 


We convert normal images & videos into 3D stills and movies.We are the first into wedding segment, Advetising, Educational and Simulations etc. 


Introduced Augmented & customized games for mobiles to promoting and increase company revenues. 


We are creating sensor-based Display Windows for Promotional Activities and Entertainment purpose.  


Develop virtual environments for Education, Simulation & Entertainment in various fields like Tourism, Institutes, Medical & Engineering. 

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